guitar lightnin' lee     and his thunder band            
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Guitar Lightnin' Lee, a multi-talented rhythm and blues purist, has defied all rational logic by assembling his band with a bunch of veteran rock and rollers. His talent, lyrics, powerful voice, and boisterous personality match perfectly with the 
energetic drive of his backing band. Thus creating a supercharged blown out style of old school New Orleans rock and roll. The exuberance from all members, especially Lightnin', keeps the music exciting and gives it the vibrance it had in its heyday.

Born in the 6th ward in New Orleans, and raised in the historic lower 9th over 60 years ago, Lightnin' had music all around him. After learning from New Orleans blues great Boogie Bill Webb, Lightnin' went to Chicago to find his inspiration Jimmy Reed. When Jimmy Reed wasn't throwing Lightnin' out of his house and telling him to go back to New Orleans, he was showing Lightnin' his style of Delta Blues via electrified Chicago. After moving back to New Orleans, he played with and around such greats as Fats Domino, Earl King, Ernie K-Doe,  Little Freddie King, and scores of other brilliant New Orleans musicians. Lightnin's ears were wide open to the sound around him and he sucked it up like a sponge. For years he listened, learned, and honed his playing and song writing skills in the best of company.

In 1997 Lightnin' found a young drummer, Paul Artigues. They played together for years working on their sound. With the addition of guitar slide man Ted Mathews and Marvin Hirsch on bass they formed the Thunder Band. Guitar Lightnin' Lee and his Thunder Band have releases on Norton records, die Slaughterhaus Records, Rhinestone Records, and race records. He and the band have made appearances on h.b.o. and comedy central. They play all over the u.s., internationally, and regularly around new orleans.
photos by Horst-Dieter Fischer The House Of Rock
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